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OpenBridge is an joint industry effort to solve some of the most difficult challenges in the maritime industry. The design system will ultimately be open and free for all to use. However, companies that partner with the project will get early access to resources and direct influence on the development process.

As of March 2019 we are 27 members and we have had an tremendous response from additional maritime actors that want to contribute to the project. We are currently evaluating how to respond to the interest from industry and we are in the process of making a plan of how to include more members.

By registering your interest in the project you will get updates of the project, invitations to future events and be invited to future expansions of the partner group.

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Research collaboration

OpenBridge is constructed around an architecture that covers most aspects of maritime workplace design including emerging technologies. The project welcome research collaboration with researchers that develop workplaces related guidelines or other work that can contribute to the OpenBridge platform. The project is an excellent opportunity to engage with a broad selection of industry actors focusing on improving maritime user experiences.

The project is already connected to SEDNA EU project that develop design guidelines for Augmented reality user interfaces. If you have research that can be linked to OpenBridge feel free to contact us.

Visiting address

Ocean Industries Concept Lab
Oslo School of Architecture and Design
Maridalsveien 29
0175 Oslo
Tel: +47 22 99 70 00

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Dr. Kjetil Nordby Project leader

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