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OpenBridge Design Guideline

Our first OpenBridge release is a free and open source design guideline. The aim of the OpenBridge Design Guideline is to make OpenBridge easily accessible for anyone wishing to implement OpenBridge into their products. This website is directed towards UI and UX designers, though we strive to make it accessible for anyone who works with developing user interfaces for the maritime industry. Below is some of the free content you will find in the guideline.


A large library of UI components, instruments, automation components and more.


OpenBridge offer hundreds of free icons for maritime user interfaces.


The palettes are developed to provide sufficient contrast in different light conditions

Design cases

This design cases shows how the guideline can be applied in maritime applications.

Why OpenBridge

Current bridges on ships are often made up of a large number of systems delivered by multiple suppliers. This has led to cluttered workplaces resulting in human error, inefficient operation and an increased need for training. The lack of standardized integration frameworks also lead to high development costs and low innovation speed, since suppliers must develop and maintain many system variations aimed at individual suppliers or ship vendors. OpenBridge seeks to solve these problems through an open system for maritime workplace design.

About the OpenBridge Consortium

OpenBridge is a joint industry effort to solve some of the challenges in the maritime industry by developing OpenBridge Design System. The parts of the design system that are currently released, is free for all to use. The companies that partner in the consortium are getting early access to resources and have direct influence on the development the design system.