With 20 partners from the Norwegian maritime industry holding a leading international position, Openbridge develops an open platform that provides better and safer user interfaces on ships, simplifies multi-vendor integration and opens the ship bridge for new applications. Openbridge realizes modern digital innovation strategy for maritime systems and is an important step towards automation and more advanced maritime operations. OpenBridge will provide cost effective, safer and user-friendly ship bridges and open up for new digital innovation.


Openbridge Consortium is an open consortium that collaborates to develop the Openbridge platform. It coordinates and facilitates industry-driven standardization and regulation. The goal is to realize a portfolio of projects that develop the elements needed for maritime industry to bring digitalization to the next level.


The industry has already established where the next generation ship bridge is heading. Here are examples of visions that we aim to realize through OpenBridge.


A 2-year OpenBridge concept and specification project is now running through 2018, co-funded by the 20 partners, The Research Council of Norway, The Norwegian Coastal Administration and Norwegian Maritime Authorities.

Project manager, Openbridge research project
Kjetil Nordby, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design